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Lithuania celebrates 100 in 2018

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01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018

With its statehood dating back to over one thousand years, Lithuania will celebrate, in 2018, the centenary of the restoration of its independence. The main elements of the concept – creation, sharing and responsibility– are in line with the core values entrenched in Lithuania’s Progress Strategy: Lithuania 2030, namely – openness, creativity and responsibility.

The basic idea of the centenary celebrations is “Inspired by the future”. Lithuania has been led by the faith in the future for over a thousand years from the very creation of the Lithuanian State, which has been built over the centuries for the people to feel free and be free, while sharing the achievements with the world. In 2018, Lithuania will celebrate the centenary of the restored Lithuania, marking country’s history with works for the future of Lithuania and the world.

All the festivities will be dedicated for the people and their ideas. The centennial celebrations will also aim to raise social and civic responsibility, encourage voluntary activities, and not only continue strengthening the idea of the statehood, but also promoting the image of the modern and creative state.

The author of the visual identity and founder of creative agency “New!”, Tomas Ramanauskas, notes that Lithuania needs to celebrate this special occasion with its head high, wearing a sign that leads the global trend and is set for the future, at the same time showing the vigour and vibrancy of our ambitious nation. “Our idea was to create something that will spread easily among the people, organisations and institutions, and we hope it will not be taken only as a logo, but also as an entire system of visual communication”, says the author of the idea.

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