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Success story: Fortum Klaipėda waste to energy plant

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The Fortum Klaipėda combined heat and power plant (CHP) is situated in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone. The plant is a part of the Finnish energy company Fortum and 5% of the shares are owned by the heat distributor AB Klaipėdos energija. The waste-to-energy combined heat and power plant, commissioned in spring 2013, is the first project of its kind in Lithuania and all the Baltic countries.

The generation of energy from non-hazardous municipal and industrial waste is an important part of Fortum’s strategy as it helps to use waste efficiently as a local resource. The new plant plays a significant role in the waste management chain. Fortum Klaipėda helps in solving waste management problems by recovering energy from waste and reducing the amount of waste that would otherwise be landfilled. At the same time we are also reducing utilisation of other fuel sources otherwise used.

The Klaipėda CHP plant uses non-hazardous municipal and industrial waste and if needed biomass as fuel and generates about 40% of the heat demand in Klaipėda as well as electricity that is sold to the Nordic power exchange NordPool. The latest technology used by the Klaipėda CHP allows for the maximum fuel use efficiency and advanced flue gas cleaning. The plant has a heat generation capacity of 63 MW and electricity generation capacity of 20 MW. The air pollutant emission concentration at the Klaipeda CHP is significantly lower than the limit values set out in the EU and Lithuanian normative documents.


Ever since its opening, Fortum Klaipėda has been actively trying to give the public an insight into its activities. Among those who visited the plant in the last couple of years were the town communities, NGOs, school children, local residents and members of various institutions. During the tour the visitors have an opportunity to understand how the process of energy generation from waste works as well as observe and learn about the company’s operations.
Fortum Klaipėda has an active presence in the local community and contributes to various city events, it supports cultural, educational and other activities and takes part in various functions. The company is a member of Klaipeda Free Economic Zone. It has close contacts with the local communities, participates in their events and is always ready to provide necessary assistance.